Game-Based Sim

Virtual Frog Dissection

Digitec designed and developed the 3-D Virtual Frog Dissection game for Florida Virtual School. Digitec designed the game using Chromadepth 3-D technology, creating depth of field for students wearing 3-D glasses for a more immersive experience, as they use virtual instruments to dissect the frog. The dissection culminates in a Boggles game, where the player applies what they’ve learned.

Ye Virtual Globe

Digitec designed and produced the Virtual Globe Theatre for middle and high school English courses for Florida Virtual School. Players compete to win a job at the Globe, exploring the theatre to find clues and solve challenges from the Bard, himself.


Modeled after the game of Life, Mind Your Finances teaches personal finance topics through a game-based simulation. Players proceed through a virtual city, earning money as they complete challenges and overcome financial obstacles to win the game.

Game-Based Sim

When you need to take game-based learning to the next level, Digitec specializes in custom instructional game design, with rich media and robust simulation. Featuring dynamic, XML-driven Flash applications, these game-based simulations provide:

  • Extensible content
  • Branching and multi-pathing
  • Score tracking