Adam's Learning

Adam's Learning wanted to create an engaging online tutorial to explain the Adam's Learning instructional design philosophy to their customers. Digitec produced a highly animated and very fun tutorial, using embedded games to help support the instructional concepts behind the Adam's Learning process.

Success Street Sweep

Success Street Sweep is a fun, personal finance game for middle school students. Players compete against Drew, as they race down "Success Street," playing various embedded games to show that they know how to manage their money. Get stuck during the game? Maybe your dog "Einstein" will throw you a bone to help you out.

Credit Booster

Developed for the InCharge Education Foundation, Credit Booster is a web-based console educational game designed to help high school students learn personal finance concepts in a gaming environment.

Cyber Savvy

Modeled after an arcade, Cyber Savvy is a series of highly interactive games that reinforce key consumer skills and concepts presented in the 4-H Cooperative Curriculum, Consumer Savvy. For students in grades 4-12, these games reinforce instruction with positive reinforcement and remediation.

Credit Compass

Credit Compass uses a scenario-based “game show” design and embedded games so users can "earn" while they learn. The course keeps the learning relevant by providing interactive spending plans, goal charts, and debt-to-income ratio calculators that let players enter their own financial information.

Embedded games are sometimes called “casual” or “extrinsic” games. These games allow learners to engage with the content in a fun way, while reinforcing the learning objectives through play. Embedded gaming strategies can include: drag-n-drop, countdown games, matching, trivia, etc.

Custom Embedded Game

Digitec provides custom embedded game development, or we offer Direct-to-WEB — our rapid eLearning development tool, so you can create your own embedded gaming.

Create your own Embedded Games using
Microsoft® PowerPoint®

Direct-to-WEB transforms PowerPoint files into Flash-based learning modules that include games-based activities, test questions, narration and more. Use your existing or new PowerPoint file, then insert KD Web questions or KD Web games to add engaging activities right into PowerPoint. Games include matching, bonus rounds, drag-and-drops, sequencing and more! To create, you click through the creation wizard.

Unlike other applications, Direct-to-WEB converts all the content into a Flash movie, so that you play the module over the web using Mac, PC, and any popular browser with a Flash player installed. Direct-to-WEB even creates a downloadable version, automatically.

  • Convert Microsoft® PowerPoint presentations or create new ones
  • Insert as many games or questions as you want
  • Use pre-built templates to create Flash activities
  • No programming required!