Level It Up

Get your game on-the go, with Digitec's Level It Up iPhone App. The game engine, modeled after "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," lets iPhone and iPad users test their knowledge, check their leaderboard standings and use access codes to unlock new games.

Click Here to download Level It Up Lite for free from the App Store.

The GEN I Revolution

Developed for the Council for Economic Education, Gen I Revolution is a role-play strategy game that uses collaboration and cooperative team play to enable students to sign up and compete against other teams in the class. Using earned Swap Points to enlist specialized operatives, the player explores the virtual world looking for clues and must successfully battle the "Murktide" to win a series of 15 missions.

Grab Todd's Cash

Grab Todd's Cash is a personal finance scenario-based game in which the player teams up with a fictitious character to challenge "Todd" for his cash. To create co-op and collaborative play, the Houston school district challenged schools to compete against each other for prestige and prizes.

LifeSmarts Multiplayer Challenge

Developed for the National Consumer's League, the LifeSmarts Multiplayer Challenge enables teens to challenge each other online to a game-show style competition on facts about consumer issues. Afterwards, players can text chat about the game, resulting in a competitive, fun, and collaborative learning experience.

Want to add a little "friendly" competition? It's been proven that introducing competitive gaming increases a student's engagement and retention. Let learners test their knowledge with the Digitec Multiplayer Challenge Game Engine. This web-based application allows you to invite individuals and teams to challenge one another in an online "brainbowl" competition. Got people in different locations? No problem! The engine includes real-time chat, so students can join teams and challenge one another in a real-time, fun, collaborative learning environment.

  • Customize the interface graphics to reflect your organization
  • Populate the database with multiple-choice and short-answer questions
  • Create an unlimited number of questions
  • Track player scores and post the highest ones
  • Set the buzzer time limit and number of questions per game